1. Professional Individual Care 

We assign special personnel to take care of the scheduling processes, who will also thoroughly explain all the examining processes.
A specially designated professional will accompany examinees individually. One set of complete physical examination only takes six hours.
On the same day of physical examination, a doctor will provide comprehensive diagnosis and explain the results to the examinee. 
Physicians not only analyze the examination results, refer the examinees to medical center for further treatment, but also provide health advice.

2. Custom Designed Physical Examinations

Different sets of physical examination were designed by professional nurses, according to personal conditions and needs.
The surrounding is spacious and comfortable with soft music playing. Having your physical examination will be a delightful experience.

3. High Quality Health Examination

The quality of physical examinations is recognized internationally.
We assemble the services of consultant physicians from every major hospital. We have a strong medical team.
By using PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System), we can record the medical images of physical examinations more efficiently, assuring validity of diagnoses and facilitate the preservation of these records.

4. Full Perspective Medical Imaging Examinations

CT (Computed Tomography)
We co-operate with Taipei city Hospital Imaging Center to provide advanced medical imaging of the major body parts.